World level Figure Skating!

The AUTOMATIC TRAINING HARNESS SYSTEM for the Figure Skating includes four steps to get World level on the Art of Figure Skating.

 STEP ONE: Central Jump Harness ICEGROSSING-1  

The Icegrossing-1 as Coordinator Figure skater movements on air with maximum supporting power and safety is the Key of the Automating Training Harness System for the high level figure skating. It includes 4 pairs safety harnesses (XS-S-M-L) connected with the Controller of fourteen-gear supporting-powering Mechanism from10 up to 75 kg

STEP TWO: Long-line Jump Harness ICEGROSSING-2

Automatic Jump Harness on ice (medium supporting power) works as Analyzer and motor-rhythmical Coordinator of figure skater movements in speed from the ice to the air. It includes more 4 pairs Jump Harnesses, those can softer regulate for skaters needs, when their skills become better trough the regular practicing on the Icegrossing-1.


It is the Figure Skater movements Coordinator and Synthesizer in the most of real situations on ice and air and landing in practice on complicated jumps, rotations and steps combinations on different lines and serpentines over the ice.

STEP FOUR: Central off-ice Jump Harness GROSSING

The Analyzer, Coordinator and the Developer of the Figure Skater basic skills, jumps, sense of rhythm and physical abilities on off-ice practice, acrobatics, making tricks, lifts, gives creative freedom for working out new elements etc., useful for specific off-ice warming-up, saves time for more specialized practice on ice.

Icegrossing presentation